How to Re-Grout Your Bathroom Tile

How to Re-Grout Your Bathroom Tile

Older grout will mildew, making the room appear old, and will even present somewhat of a health hazard. For these reasons, it’s no wonder why many home owners opt to re-grout their bathroom tile. In this article, we will outline the steps to doing just that.

Materials / Tools

• Tile Sponge

• Grout

• Grout Float

• Grout Sealer

• Vacuum

• Chisel

• Grout Saw

• Mildew Remover

Prep Work

Step 1 – Decide which color grout to use. If your job encompass the entire bathroom, try to pick one that works with the tile. For jobs which are a bit smaller, simply match the existing grout color.

Step 2 – Scrub Scrub Scrub using your favorite cleaning solution.

Step 3 – Using a grout saw, cut around the tile lines

Step 4 – Remove any remaining materials through the use of a utility knife of chisel.

Step 5 – Use a vacuum to suck up any leftover debris that is left behind. If you find tiles that need replacement, now is the time to do it.

Step 6 – Take the time to clean each tile, removing all dirt and scum. Household cleaners are wonderful for this purpose. Pick your favorite.


Step 1 – Before you apply, you must mix. Out of the package, grout will be pre-mixed or dry. If mixing is required, simply run through the directions provided and follow any instructions given. As an FYI, latex-modified grout is much more water resistant than other options and tends to last longer.

Step 2 – Once mixed, you will be able to spread the grout over the area and smooth it with a float. Make sure the float is angled at 30 degrees.

Step 3 – Press into the empty spaces in between each tile using the float. You will know that the spaces have been filled as the grout becomes more resistant to pushing.

Step 4 – Next, use the float to remove excess materials from the spaces.

Step 5 – Allow 5 to 10 minutes to dry. Grab a wet sponge and wipe across the top surface of the tiles in order to clean any leftover debris still lingering on the surface.

Step 6 – Cure the area for a period of at least three days.

Step 7 – Once curing has completed, seal the area. This application will keep mildew and water out.

And there you have it! A DIY grout job and a spectacular new bathroom! Enjoy!