How To Fix Loose Slate Tiles And Avoid Further Damages?

How To Fix Loose Slate Tiles And Avoid Further Damages?

Slate tiles have a rustic appearance which is suitable for different decors. Their elegant look is usually not matched by any other materials. They give a wonderful appearance when you use them in the kitchens and bathrooms. You have to install these tiles perfectly, otherwise they can become loose. When they become loose, you can notice uneven surfaces on the floors or walls. If left unattended, they can develop breaks and cracks easily.

When the tiles are not properly installed, they become loose in the high traffic areas. You can see them popping out from the surface. For this, you need not replace the whole floor. You can take off only the loose ones and fix them. You have to follow these ways given below to fix them.

You have to wear safety gear before starting the process. Use a chisel to damage the grout surrounding the loose tiles. Get rid of the grout from the loose one so that it becomes easy to remove them. If all are loosely fixed, then you have to remove entire grout and re install the floor.

For fixing one or two loose tiles, keep the chisel under loose slate tiles and give some pressure to lift them. If the tiles do not have any damages, then you can use the same one. If it is fully damaged, you have to get a new tile.

Remove the thin set mortar from the area where you have removed the tiles. Clean the area to get rid of all dust and debris which will give a good finish. Mix the thin set mortar in correct proportion according to the manufacturer’s instructions. With the help of notched edge of a trowel apply them to the area, where you have to install the tiles. You can also use them at the back side of the tile to make a strong bonding.

Place the slate tiles on the thin set mortar and give a little pressure to them. This holds up the tiles with the mortar. Mix the sanded grout in the medium consistency. Use grout float to spread the grout surrounding the tiles. Apply them evenly to get a stunning look. After 10 minutes, clean the tiles to remove the residual excess grout. Allow them to dry for two days which makes them set strongly. Then you have to apply the sealant for these natural stones. This protects the surface from moisture.

After fixing them, you can see that the surface looks even. When you are using the new ones, see if the colour and pattern matches the old one. You can get a new appearance in the space after fixing the loose ones. Slate looks wonderful in any area of the home. Get them in neutral colours and patterns. Use your creativity to increase the space ambience.