HD Foundations, Inc. Has an A+ Rating With the BBB

HD Foundations, Inc. specializes in building a comfortable environment, including bathrooms and kitchens. Experts are on hand to install the plumbing and water supply systems, and they can create a bathroom with toilet and shower facilities. The company also installs heating hardware. Many people have praised HD Foundations for its high-quality services. In addition to individuals, HD Foundations works with organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB rates companies based on thirteen categories. Some categories have no ratings, while others have many. Points are awarded for customer satisfaction, complaint resolution time, and the time it takes to resolve a complaint.

Since January 2009, the Better Business Bureau has used a school-style A+ to F rating system. The previous system rated companies from A-F as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Each business has a letter grade based on at least 16 factors. The BBB also assigns the 17th factor to companies that pay a fee to the organization. Although the BBB has been around for decades, consumers should not make decisions based solely on these ratings.

The BBB has a dynamic rating system, meaning that new complaints and government actions impact the company’s grade more.

Service areas

The HD Foundations Inc. company headquarters is located in Mansfield, Texas. The company employs approximately 15 people in its service area. The company has been in business for over three decades. Their offices are staffed with a skilled team of workers. HD Foundations specializes in the foundation, structure, and building exterior contracting industries. HD Foundations provides cost-effective solutions to address these issues.

The technology used by HD Foundations

Underpinning is a popular technique to stabilize substructures. It is used to solve any foundation issue. HD Foundations uses industry-standard techniques for underpinning. These techniques include the installation of pressed concrete piers, which are 6″ in diameter and 10 inches deep. These piers are stacked and inserted 10 to 12 feet into the ground. These piers are then cured at 7000 PSI.

BBB accreditation

Having BBB accreditation gives your special business privileges and builds trust in your business. The BBB seal and logo are synonymous with confidence, and consumers often look for these seals when evaluating a company. BBB accreditation helps differentiate your business from the competition. While you may think that the BBB is irrelevant, it’s worth a few points to establish trust. It also increases your online visibility, adding images, videos, and information. As an accredited business, you’ll also benefit from webinars and educational resources to run your business.

When your business applies for BBB accreditation, it must abide by the standards set by the organization. First, the BBB will check public records and other sources of information to determine your eligibility. Then, they will review your application and conduct a phone interview to confirm your business’s reputation. Once approved, your business will receive a thick welcome packet that includes an accreditation certificate, marketing materials, and login details. Once you’re accredited, you’ll enjoy a streamlined process for dealing with complaints and customer service.

Customer reviews

If you are looking for a construction company, consider reading through customer reviews for HD Foundations, Inc. You may find out more about the company’s background, size, and more. For example, you can find out if the company has an excellent reputation. This is a good sign that they are trustworthy. The next time you have a project to complete, read up on the company.