Grouting Tiles – How to Finish a Grouting Job As Quickly As Possible

Grouting Tiles – How to Finish a Grouting Job As Quickly As Possible

If your grouting is discoloured or mouldy you should replace your grouting. However you may want to change your grouting if it is a bad colour or if it was done badly in the first place.

Replacing grouting is an undesirable task. However, armed with the right tools and some basic knowledge you can make sure that you won’t have to spend longer than necessary and achieve a good finish at the same time.

Before starting try cleaning the tiles and grout, you may find that discolouration or black mould will be removed instantly. Any leaks must be stopped before doing any grouting or it is likely you’ll have to do it all over again. If your wall has brown mould it is likely that water is leaking through from behind.

Any pointed tool should be suitable to remove the grout although a specialist grout rake will complete the job much faster than most other tools if you choose to buy one. However, a simple nail will be able to the same job if you are willing to spend more time grouting.

1) Use a pointed tool to scratch out existing grout. Remove at least 2mm. However, slightly deeper is preferable.

2) Use a damp cloth to clean off the area, if the surface is slightly damp the new grout will adhere better. Check that you have removed an even amount of grout from the surface.

3) Re-grout the tiles. Make sure you have chosen the right product, choose the colour carefully. Apply the grout to the grooves using a suitable tool: a squeegee, grout float or a plastic scraper should be fine. Spread the grout evenly and gently wipe a wet finger over it to smooth it out.

4) Let the grout dry. Unless you have bought non-shrinking grout then it is likely that it will shrink and leave gaps around the edges. This is common and you may need to apply another layer of grout.

5) When dried you will need to apply a grout sealer to ensure that the new grout will not become stained or wet at a later date.

The main thing you will need when grouting is patience. Keep trying and you will be able to finish the job to a good standard.