Garage Upgrades That Make Dollars and Sense

When it comes to home upgrades, we often focus our efforts on kitchens, bathrooms and other interior comforts. One area you should consider is the garage. This part of your house can fulfill various functions from car storage to additional workspace and more. Here are some garage ideas that are worth your consideration, especially with respect to adding value to your property.

Organizing Your Space

For many homeowners, the garage isn’t just a place to keep vehicles. It’s also a place to store a range of items. Upgrade your garage with smart storage solutions. Floor space comes at a premium in this space, especially if you keep your cars. Take advantage of shelving, overhead solutions, and wall ideas for keeping items. Be thoughtful about access to items that you’ll need once a week versus those you’ll need once a year.

Adding a Room

Depending on the layout of your house and neighborhood, consider turning your garage into another room. By sealing the garage doors and adding an HVAC system, you can add a bedroom or game room to your home. It may be worth consulting a real estate professional as well as a contractor to weigh the cost to renovate against the potential value of the house. You may be able to defray costs by doing some things yourself.

Building Something New

An entirely new structure for your garage may be the best move. A detached structure that’s situated on a different part of your property may work out better for your household or that of future buyers. Consider consulting a company that provides top-to-bottom solutions for new construction, including concrete foundations Fleetwood PA. This is a great idea if you’re looking for a multifunctional space.

Garages may not immediately spring to mind when you’re considering home improvements. They are an important part of a residence, especially once you factor in the possibilities of a reimagined space. From adding storage solutions to a complete renovation and more, a garage upgrade can make a lot of “cents.”