Designing a Bathroom That is Safe For the Elderly

Designing a Bathroom That is Safe For the Elderly

When you are of a certain age, it might be difficult getting around the bathroom all by yourself. Hence, you need to think about it when designing the comfort room in your own home to ensure, especially when you are living with an elder. Not only with it make your bathrooms comfortable, but safe as well.

The most basic way to get started is to replace your bath for easy access. You need to have walk in enclosures and shower trays such that you can enjoy a spacious washing area in your bathroom. You can find a wide range of sizes in the market aside from the standard 1700 x 700mm sizes. You can also use a glass shower panel if you want a wet room, thus creating your own enclosure. There is also several choices when it comes to size and is accessible for wheelchair.

The use of straight panel will give your bathroom a modern and edgy look. And as for the shower tray, you must settle for the standard height of 80mm such that it is neither too high nor too low. For elders have issues of mobility due to their medical condition, then this type of shower tray will really serve its purpose.

Another distinct advantage with using a glass panel is that cleaning and maintenance is very simple and manageable. With this, there are no hidden corners and you can clean it as it is. Unlike a traditional bath though, you have to do a lot of bending and twisting in an effort to clean areas not readily visible.

The final and most daunting area to consider when ensuring that your bathroom is safe for the elderly is to avoid slippery surfaces. You can therefore install a grab rail such that an elderly individual will find adequate support even when they are going to the bath on their own. Hence, they won’t have to suffer from serious injuries from slipping or falling in the bathroom.