Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Table

Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Table

Many people make the mistake of choosing a dining room table based solely on looks. Of course, you want your home to be beautiful and appealing, but many families use the dining table for things other than dining! You want to base your decision on other concerns, such as budget and coordination with other d?�cor. This article offers tips and ideas for choosing a dining room table that will not only look attractive, but serve its purpose in other ways as well.

Consider these questions before you start shopping

Do you need a table that expands several feet in order to accommodate someone disabled or numerous guests?

What will the table be used for, other than dining? If you intend to do arts and crafts or use the table for activities that may cause scratches, you want to choose a table that has a durable top.

What size does the table need to be in order to fit the scale of the room? You don’t want a giant formal dining table in a very small dining room, nor do you want a small one in a very large dining area.

Is your budget tight, or can you spend whatever you want on a dining table? Money is a concern to many, so determine what your limit is before you start shopping.

Shapes, sizes and usability

Unless you have a formal dining room that no one will ever use, avoid buying a dining room table that looks too expensive or fancy to touch. Guests will feel uncomfortable sitting around a table that they are afraid to touch for fear of leaving smudges!

Decide what shape and style of table you want. Are you looking for round shapes, oblong or square? What style will suit your dining room and kitchen? If your living room and dining room areas flow together, you will want the style to flow easily into the d?�cor in the living room as well. If you have a small kitchen/dining area, choose a small dining table so as not to overload the space. An open, spacious country kitchen looks wonderful with a chunky wood table flanked by mismatched wooden chairs or even picnic benches.

Dining room tables used for multiple purposes

If your kitchen is very small with limited counter space, you may often find yourself preparing foods at the dining room table. Chopping and dicing can do a real number on the finish! In this case, you want a surface that is tough and can easily be cleaned.

Children often do homework at the dining table, and families get together to play cards or other games on occasion. If your table will be used for these activities, make sure it has a hardy surface that will stand up to a good deal of abuse. Some surfaces are extremely delicate, and so much as a glass of water sitting for a few minutes will leave a mark.

Before you make a considerable investment in your dining room, think of all that your family uses the dining table for. Think about the current style of your kitchen and dining room, and whether you need lots of space for family and guests or just a small, cozy table. Now when you are ready to shop, all of the questions in your mind will be answered and your selection will be much easier!