Antique Dining Tables Add a Touch of Elegance

Antique Dining Tables Add a Touch of Elegance

There’s nothing more grandiose than period furniture that displays the caring artistry of long ago. Dining room tables that are empowered with multiple leaves, stretching their length up to ten feet. This was a gathering place of friends, family, and frolic on those occasions when a well-prepared meal, talk and laughter, dominated most households. Antique dining room tables have a way of holding those memories, crying out for festive days once again.

The Age of Walnut

From 1600 through 1730, walnut trees were in ample supply and craftsmen labored over the hard wood in creating dining room tables that showed off the grain of the beautiful wood. Almost impossible to thin down, the dining room table was made very thick. The legs were cradled with beautiful ornate designs because walnut was easy to carve. You may be surprised to find that it is still possible to run across a genuine walnut table of this time period, as walnut will last forever.

Period Furniture of the 18th Century

An abundance of new and exciting furniture moved into the 18th century with the different eras of time. Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Federal, Georgian, Louis, and Empire styles all shared their own unique designs with a new wood that seemed to offer more that walnut. Mahogany was easier to cut and sculpture and the grain left a magnificent glow to a room when treated with a hard clear finish. Dining room tables became masterpieces along with matching chairs and buffets. Sometimes other exotic woods like rosewood, tulipwood, and ebony were used to bring out the grain even further. Brass legs showed off a rich, stylish family life.

Knowing an Original Antique Solid Wood Table

The word ‘antique’ merely refers to an item that is over fifty years old. An original means that your table is not a reproduction. There are many fine reproductions today and may be solid wood but not an original. It is very hard to determine if you have a table that is the original that was handmade in 1780 or a very close copy that was produced in 1890. Only an expert in the field of antiques can make a professional determination but nonetheless, they are both antiques and both possess history that makes each unique.

Twentieth Century Contemporary Furniture

Industrialism started in the 19th century and along with this came furniture manufacturers. This furniture is easily distinguished from handmade period furniture of the past with precise cuts and nails that bind the pieces together. Many dining room sets made during this period are still considered antiques as we move further into the 21st century but the heritage is quite different. Smaller and lighter to fit the changing era, veneer became popular instead of using real wood.

It is still possible to find antique dining tables that bring back the days of fine dining and large family get-togethers. From old plantations of the south, you may find a Georgian Mahogany table with rounded edges from the 18th century or a 19th century Mission quarter sawn Oak dining table with leaves that open to ten feet long. They can be found and are a treasure to behold. Visit antique furniture auctions online and you will be surprised at what you can find.