Hamilton Wheels and Casters


When choosing industrial wheels, one must take into account the overall workplace environment and not just the caster load or size. Rubber, resin, polyurethane and metal casters are all designed to withstand certain types of floors and temperatures. Hamilton wheels and casters are very similar but serve different industrial purposes.

The durometer of a caster or wheel is only one consideration when choosing a product for a specific task. Hamilton casters are manufactured with different materials on the outside, from cast iron to steel to rubber or resin. Besides the outside material of the caster, its hub length and bearing size also affect its performance.

All-Metal Wheels and Casters

Stainless steel wheels are popular for workplaces that would possibly melt polyurethane-coated wheels. Hot floors and contact with chemicals won’t damage all-steel wheels. Cast iron wheels are also an option for these types of environments because they can withstand floors up to 800 degrees. Metal casters by Hamilton are mostly designed with a stainless steel swivel option.

Forged steel is the strongest caster material and nearly damage-proof. The biggest wheel diameters, between 12 and 18 inches, can handle up to 23,000 pounds without breaking down. The main problem is that not too many floors can withstand the pressure.

Resin and Nylon

Nylon casters are non-marking with plain bore bearings and can hold up to 275 pounds. Similarly, resin wheels are used for workplaces where a spark from a metal wheel might be dangerous. They are not good for rough floors because they could dent and chip away at the resin, but the upside of this wheel is that it will not damage floors.

AXX Wheels

The AXX Wheel is designed to avoid trapping floor debris in its ball bearing so that it stays quiet and skid-free. Each wheel can hold up to 1,500 pounds which allows a person to push heavy loads without stressing the wheels and possibly injuring themself. It’s made with an aluminum core, a polyurethane tread and a two-inch width.

Rubber Wheels

Rubber over iron provides a lot of absorption in industrial workplaces. It won’t damage floors and can roll over rough surfaces, but it can only withstand up to 160-degree floors. Pneumatic non-marking casters can also swivel and hold up to 500 pounds.

Hamilton currently offers over 18 different wheel categories with several subcategories underneath. Additionally, it offers many types of brakes that allow for varying directional pushing/pulling capabilities.