4 Types of Wood Fence Systems

Have you ever seen a beautiful house with an old run-down fence that’s falling apart in places? Have you ever seen a dilapidated house surrounded by a beautiful and well-maintained eye-catcher of a fence?  Great wood fences serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. They can improve property value, provide security and offer a glimpse of your personality. There are many types of wood fences that have distinct characteristics and serve different purposes.

1. Box Wire

A box wire fence is a system combining wood posts with a wire grid in between. It’s primarily used to keep animals out or in. The grid pattern doesn’t allow access to small animals like rabbits or hedgehogs and can be built tall enough to keep out deer and larger animals, too. You’ll see them around gardens and chicken coops and they also make great pens.

2. Post and Rail

This style features posts, typically 4×4, connected by two or more horizontal boards. They are handsome fences that are good for marking property or boundary lines, but not so much for privacy or to keep animals in or out. Post and rail wood fences Parker CO are ideal for marking boundaries on vast plots of land because they are such a streamlined design.

3. Wood Lattice

Featuring thin strips of wood forming a lattice pattern between the posts, this style fence can last up to 30 years. It is striking in appearance and perfect at separating the yard from the forest. There are versions of this fence in which the lattice is only applied to the top, mounted on classic boards.

4. Louver Fence

This style is ideal for privacy. Angled slats are lined between the posts in such a way as to prevent somebody from seeing in, but offer visibility looking out. This handsome fencing system is durable, too, as the overlapped louvers create ventilation and keep it cool.

Be it for privacy or to accentuate your property, a good wooden fence can a strong investment and provide years, even decades, of quiet service.