4 Reasons People Choose Granite Countertops

You use your kitchen countertop every day for cooking, making coffee and performing dozens of random tasks. When the time comes for a new counter, you want a surface that holds up while still looking beautiful, such as granite. Stone has been a popular surface for decades and here are four reasons people select granite for their kitchens.

1. Gorgeous Appearance

Some of the most beautiful colors and patterns are found in nature and granite is no exception. Each piece of quality granite Pittsburgh has its own unique color and veining, and you’re sure to find a shade that matches your decor. Best of all, no other countertop in the world will be exactly like yours.

2. Solid and Strong

Another reason so many people choose granite is because it holds up to whatever you dish out. Granite rock is solid and strong and won’t chip or crack with normal, everyday use. Since the kitchen is such a busy place when using pots, pans and knives, you want a surface that won’t buckle under pressure.

3. Heat-Resistant

Another huge advantage of granite countertops is that they’re heat-resistant. Although people don’t normally set pans directly on their countertops, granite won’t burn or scorch if the occasion arises. Granite is also stain-resistant, especially when it’s properly sealed by a professional installer.

4. Increased Home Value

When you replace your old countertops with granite, you can boost the value of your home by about 25% of the countertop’s value. Stone countertops are very attractive to home buyers and they last for decades. While you’re probably not thinking about listing your home when you choose countertops, it will help you sell if you decide to relocate.

Countertops are an indispensable part of your kitchen so choose them wisely. Granite is strong, adds value and makes your kitchen look stunning.