3 Ways To Grow Plants Without a Yard

Just because you live in an apartment or have a concrete slab as your backyard doesn’t mean that you have to give up the joys of gardening. As long as you have windows and water, plants will grow. The trick is finding the best light and the right container for your unique situation.

Container Garden

Container gardens are a hot trend because of all the advantages of planting in pots. Potted plants require less water than if they were in the ground. You can easily add more plants with multiple containers and move them around to obtain optimal sunlight. For especially fickle plants, containers can be moved outside certain times of the day and put inside during storms or dips in temperature.

Container gardens work in a variety of places. Maybe you have an outdoor area, like a terrace or paved patio, just no ground to plant in. Potted plants thrive on balconies and wide window sills. Greenhouse windows look beautiful and optimize space while also providing the perfect sunny spot for some plants.

Flower Boxes

If you have zero outdoor space, then hopefully you have some windows. Flower boxes don’t just have to be for flowers. They can be flipped and mounted inside for a beautiful herb garden. Small vegetables like peppers and beans grow great in flower boxes. Just be sure to water them enough. Because flower boxes are shallow, they hold less soil. This means the plants will dry out quickly. Also, mount the boxes a couple of inches below the bottom on the window sill so that the whole plant gets sunlight.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening maximizes space by growing plants vertically. Special vertical gardening systems use hydroponics to circulate water, making everything efficient and easy. This type of gardening will produce a large number of plants in a little amount of space. You can purchase a stand-alone system or one that mounts onto the wall.