3 Helpful Tips That Prepare a Home To Sell Quickly

Looking to streamline the process of selling your house? A little prep work before you list has the potential to reduce the amount of time your home’s on the market. Here are three helpful tips that generate buyer interest right when the “for sale” sign is planted in your front yard.

1. Impress With a New Color

The quickest and most effective way to give your home some attractive curb appeal is to give your exterior a fresh, new color. Choose a contemporary color like beige, gray or olive and rely on the experts in residential painting Louisville to get the job done the right way. Real estate experts always stress the importance of curb appeal, making this a quick fix that entices buyers to come take a closer look at your home, instead of choosing the competition.

2. Make Easy Fixes

When potential buyers visit a property, they can tell right away whether the owner has kept the place well-maintained. Spend a weekend making minor fixes throughout the house, including fixing leaky faucets, completing paint touch-ups, replacing damaged windowpanes and other similar projects. Although even savvy buyers won’t notice these repairs individually, they’ll walk away with the impression that your property is in great condition.

3. Declutter, Then Clean

Potential buyers are often overwhelmed when a home is filled with too much clutter, which is why you need to clear excess clutter from all areas of the house, including the garage. Once you’ve removed the clutter, focus on giving all interior surfaces a deep clean. Use baking soda as you scrub floors and countertops as it removed odors while you clean.

Regardless of what market you’re selling in, getting noticed is often the most difficult aspect of selling a home. Follow these tips and you’ll ensure that potential buyers have a great first impression and watch the offers come in!