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Furnishing a Great Looking Bathroom

Furnishing a Great Looking Bathroom

There are many ways to go about furnishing a great looking bathroom. It helps if you have some sort of idea in your mind before proceeding, as this will allow you to follow a plan. Of course, if you are one that prefers to just figure things out as they come to you; that works as well. Keep in mind though, that prices can add up very quickly. If you don’t plan what you’re going to purchase and how you’re going to decorate you may very well end up spending a lot more than you had originally intended to.

One great thing that is very common is furnishing the bathroom area with vanities. One of the reasons why this is so popular is the fact that you can really customize the area this way. Another great part about it is how inexpensive you can get these units if you are willing to search for them. For example, you can get a modern 72 inch type with vessel sinks for less than you would think if you get it without the mirror. This is possible normally, so you don’t have to wait for some special clearance before making your purchase.

Keep in mind that a contemporary bathroom can either be sleek and minimal or more fleshed out. Adding your own personal touches will make a big difference in the overall feel though, so you want to make sure that your taste bleeds through every piece you select. So even if you’re just getting a corner vanity, it can seem as though you’re doing a complete remodel. You should also consider whether or not others will ever see it, or if it is going to be only for your personal use by the master bedroom. This might affect your design ideas in the end.

Overall, you’re going to find that remodeling or furnishing a bathroom can be a fun experience that’s a lot easier to undertake than a larger room of the house. Keep in mind that prices can quickly add up though, and you don’t want your budget to run out before you’re completed.…

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How To Fix Loose Slate Tiles And Avoid Further Damages?

How To Fix Loose Slate Tiles And Avoid Further Damages?

Slate tiles have a rustic appearance which is suitable for different decors. Their elegant look is usually not matched by any other materials. They give a wonderful appearance when you use them in the kitchens and bathrooms. You have to install these tiles perfectly, otherwise they can become loose. When they become loose, you can notice uneven surfaces on the floors or walls. If left unattended, they can develop breaks and cracks easily.

When the tiles are not properly installed, they become loose in the high traffic areas. You can see them popping out from the surface. For this, you need not replace the whole floor. You can take off only the loose ones and fix them. You have to follow these ways given below to fix them.

You have to wear safety gear before starting the process. Use a chisel to damage the grout surrounding the loose tiles. Get rid of the grout from the loose one so that it becomes easy to remove them. If all are loosely fixed, then you have to remove entire grout and re install the floor.

For fixing one or two loose tiles, keep the chisel under loose slate tiles and give some pressure to lift them. If the tiles do not have any damages, then you can use the same one. If it is fully damaged, you have to get a new tile.

Remove the thin set mortar from the area where you have removed the tiles. Clean the area to get rid of all dust and debris which will give a good finish. Mix the thin set mortar in correct proportion according to the manufacturer’s instructions. With the help of notched edge of a trowel apply them to the area, where you have to install the tiles. You can also use them at the back side of the tile to make a strong bonding.

Place the slate tiles on the thin set mortar and give a little pressure to them. This holds up the tiles with the mortar. Mix the sanded grout in the medium consistency. Use grout float to spread the grout surrounding the tiles. Apply them evenly to get a stunning look. After 10 minutes, clean the tiles to remove the residual excess grout. Allow them to dry for two days which makes them set strongly. Then you have to apply the sealant for these natural stones. This protects the surface from moisture.

After fixing them, you can see that the surface looks even. When you are using the new ones, see if the colour and pattern matches the old one. You can get a new appearance in the space after fixing the loose ones. Slate looks wonderful in any area of the home. Get them in neutral colours and patterns. Use your creativity to increase the space ambience.…

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Decorating Your Bathroom is Now Very Simple

Decorating Your Bathroom is Now Very Simple

If truth has to be said, then I have to tell you that the bathroom is one place where people get to think about a lot of things at peace and find a lot of answers too. “Eureka”, remember that term? Well it sure was coined in the bathroom and having the right setting in your bathroom can make a world of difference in the way you think and also in the kind of answers that you find for your questions.

If you have been thinking about some really cool ideas that can help decorating your bathroom seem simple, then you have come to the right place to learn it.

Decorating your bathroom surely can seem like a very Herculean task but in all honesty it is very simple. First let us target the ceramic wares that are in your bathroom along with the faucets and other plumbing. Always make it a point to make sure of both these items match, if you are looking at bringing out an aesthetic appeal. If your wash basin and your bath tub are Victorian, then make it a point to make the faucets and the shower heads match them.

Next you would have to target the walls. If the other settings are Victorian, then it is a must that your walls are covered with floral wall papers. On the other hand, if your bathroom is quite contemporary, then choose solid colors for wall paint. Whites, light blues, greens and pinks are the most sought after wall paints for bathroom.

You could also have long vases and other pieces of art in your bathroom to make it look more artistic. If you have a lot of space, then make it a point to convert the space into a dressing and relaxing area with the right furniture.…

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Home Improvement Ideas For Any Homeowner

For those with mechanical skills, home improvement is more than an enjoyable pastime. Home improvement projects provide additional benefits beyond having a nicer house to live in. Property value goes up with good renovations. This article provides some tips on how to maximize your next improvement project.

If you are purchasing a home, consider hiring a professional home inspector. By doing this, you do not have to look for everything that needs to be replaced or fixed. A third party professional who offers a completely objective view will ensure that everything that needs to be fixed is found.

When you have to have your roof redone, use light colored substances or white tile. This lighter color deflects the sun’s rays Renovation House rather than absorbing them, and this reduces heat in your attic. This will make your cooling and heating bills less expensive.

Install weather stripping on the doors and windows to make your house more energy efficient. It’s easy to add weather stripping. You just purchase it at your local hardware store and follow the package directions. Once you are finished, you will notice the improvement in the efficiency of your heat and A/C. You won’t experience drafts on cool, breezy nights, either.

When you are going to be doing home improvement projects, you should do the ones that you can see first. Your buyers are going to judge your home by what is visible and things like an overgrown garden or paint that is peeling can lose a sale in no time. Although major improvements aren’t usually seen, lesser, more obvious ones are, so take care of them before selling your home.

These ideas are a small collection compared to all of the resources out there on home improvement. Continue to explore all of the creative and interesting improvements you can make to your home. Doing some research in advance can impact whether or not your home renovation project is successful. Be certain you possess a clear understanding of any home improvement you do.…

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How to Re-Grout Your Bathroom Tile

How to Re-Grout Your Bathroom Tile

Older grout will mildew, making the room appear old, and will even present somewhat of a health hazard. For these reasons, it’s no wonder why many home owners opt to re-grout their bathroom tile. In this article, we will outline the steps to doing just that.

Materials / Tools

• Tile Sponge

• Grout

• Grout Float

• Grout Sealer

• Vacuum

• Chisel

• Grout Saw

• Mildew Remover

Prep Work

Step 1 – Decide which color grout to use. If your job encompass the entire bathroom, try to pick one that works with the tile. For jobs which are a bit smaller, simply match the existing grout color.

Step 2 – Scrub Scrub Scrub using your favorite cleaning solution.

Step 3 – Using a grout saw, cut around the tile lines

Step 4 – Remove any remaining materials through the use of a utility knife of chisel.

Step 5 – Use a vacuum to suck up any leftover debris that is left behind. If you find tiles that need replacement, now is the time to do it.

Step 6 – Take the time to clean each tile, removing all dirt and scum. Household cleaners are wonderful for this purpose. Pick your favorite.


Step 1 – Before you apply, you must mix. Out of the package, grout will be pre-mixed or dry. If mixing is required, simply run through the directions provided and follow any instructions given. As an FYI, latex-modified grout is much more water resistant than other options and tends to last longer.

Step 2 – Once mixed, you will be able to spread the grout over the area and smooth it with a float. Make sure the float is angled at 30 degrees.

Step 3 – Press into the empty spaces in between each tile using the float. You will know that the spaces have been filled as the grout becomes more resistant to pushing.

Step 4 – Next, use the float to remove excess materials from the spaces.

Step 5 – Allow 5 to 10 minutes to dry. Grab a wet sponge and wipe across the top surface of the tiles in order to clean any leftover debris still lingering on the surface.

Step 6 – Cure the area for a period of at least three days.

Step 7 – Once curing has completed, seal the area. This application will keep mildew and water out.

And there you have it! A DIY grout job and a spectacular new bathroom! Enjoy!…

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Purchasing An Ideal White Bathroom Vanity Unit For Your Restroom

Purchasing An Ideal White Bathroom Vanity Unit For Your Restroom

Bathroom vanity is often regarded as the center of attraction of the bathroom. It helps in enhancing the overall appeal of the restroom, in addition to providing the much needed functionality. Therefore, it becomes quite important to choose the right type of vanity unit and make your restroom appear all the more appealing. With a wide variety of vanity units available out there, it might become quite difficult to make a wise selection. The vanity units mainly vary in terms of shape, size, design and shades. Out of all the available options, a white bathroom vanity unit is the first choice of a large number of home owners. White units are capable of adding a simple and serene ambiance to your restroom apart from adding the much needed functionality.

Purchasing the right type of white bathroom vanity unit is not an easy task. There are a good number of factors that demand due consideration in order to make the selection process quite easy. There are a good number of places that deal in bathroom furniture. You can visit these places and have a look at the available options in order to choose an ideal one. You can easily compare one unit with the other on the basis of a good number of factors and choose a suitable vanity for your bathroom. Further in this article, I have outlined some top places that you can visit for finding the best vanities for your restroom.

1. Online Stores

This is probably one of the best destinations for shopping in the present day world. People choose to go online for purchasing almost anything mainly because of the associated convenience and affordability. You can find a good number of websites dealing in such kind of bathroom furnishings. You can shortlist a few websites on the basis of what you need and weight them on the basis of a good number of factors like reliability, rates, security, mode of payment, delivery options and a lot more. Even though the online stores cannot overshadow the importance of traditional brick and mortar stores, yet they prove to be quite beneficial.

2. Home Improvement Stores

You can easily locate a home improvement store in your locality. These home improvement stores have a wide collection of bathroom furnishings from various manufacturers. You can easily find an ideal white bathroom vanity unit at these stores by comparing the options provided by different manufacturers. Such stores often host seasonal sales and provide discount offers at a certain time during the year. You can look forward to such events in order to find the desired vanities at slashed down rates.

3. Authorized Company Outlets

Certain bathroom furnishing manufacturers also have their own stores in various localities. You can easily find an ideal white bathroom vanity unit by visiting the stores of your favorite brand. These stores often have the latest collection from the manufacturer and provide all the related services like installation, full customer support, repair and a lot more.

So, these were some places that you can visit in order to find an ideal white bathroom vanity unit.…

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A Dining Table Made To Order, Might Be Just What You Need

A Dining Table Made To Order, Might Be Just What You Need

You’ve searched every furniture retailer within a hundred miles. You’ve scanned catalogs and scoured websites for the perfect dining room table to meet your own particular set of needs. Perhaps you are about ready to settle for something you don’t want that comes “closest” to what you’d like. Do not. Before you settle, why not toss around the idea of having a dining table made to order?

Yes. Believe it or not, in this day and age there are still companies that build furniture to your specifications. Whether you’ve drawn up plans for your own design or simply want modifications made to an existing type of table, there are firms whose craftsmen will take your ideas and turn them into reality. Of course, it will cost more than many ready-made tables, but isn’t the idea of having a dining table made to order to your specifications worth more?

While you might be able to find a local cabinetry or woodworking shop willing to undertake the task, you will probably find they are going to price their time and labor pretty highly. That’s why I often suggest that people looking for custom work go on-line and examine the options offered to them there. Many good on-line furniture retail sites offer options for customized versions of their inventory and some will even create the table of your dreams based upon your input. Often on-line companies will charge less, too.

Whether you decide to shop for a dining table made to order locally or on the Web, be sure that you’ve thought out exactly what you want and are able to fully explain or illustrate your wishes. The firm should provide you with a drawing that is a good representation of what the finished product will look like. If they don’t, then request one. After all, it’s your money you’re spending to get what you want. Make sure you do.…

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The Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

When it’s time to update your home, one of the best investments you can make starts in the bathroom. Most homeowners know that potential buyers like to see an updated kitchen and bathroom, but remodeling these spaces offers more than value in dollars.

Bathroom Remodeling Reflects Personality and Style

Bathroom remodeling Neptune Beach allows a homeowner to tap into his or her own personality and sense of style. Adding colors and textures can create a feeling of luxury, relaxation or modernity and the owner gets to decide what is wanted.

Some people crave a respite from their busy lives and a bathtub and space to retire to in the evenings. Others want to recreate a beachy feel from their favorite vacation. And some simply want to modernize a bathroom with aging fixtures and decor.

Bathroom remodeling gives the owner a sense of control over his or her environment and a feeling of peace in the updated space.

Updates Can Increase Value

While monetary value isn’t the only benefit of remodeling, it’s an obvious bonus and one that can’t be ignored. Bathroom remodeling can add up to 3% to the price of a home and owners may recoup up to 50% of their renovation costs. It can also improve the visual appeal to the potential buyer. When looking into¬†renovation, style, budget and value should all be considered.

Bathroom remodeling can include upgrading the bathtub, shower, faucets, floor and lighting. It may also entail installing new counters and mirrors. Finally, fresh paint or wallpaper can complete the updated look and add to that visual appeal and value. It’s a good idea to decide which updates make the most sense for your unique project and vision.

Renovating your bathroom can provide benefits beyond dollars upon sale of the home. The feeling of pride and even peace in your personal space might be the greatest gain of all.…

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Keeping the Bathroom Fresh and Clean

Keeping the Bathroom Fresh and Clean

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a place to wash and a safe place to relax and find comfort after a busy day at work. Therefore, the amount of decor in the bathroom is very important. The wall panels can set the bathroom mood making it the perfect place for winding down after a busy day. Bathroom wall panels help to keep the bathroom fresh and clean.

If you are seeking to decorate your bathroom then the bathroom paneling offers the perfect alternative to tiles. Bathroom cladding and paneling will offer you an alternative to fitting ceramic tiles. This is because they offer internal decoration for your bathroom walls and ceilings. They are stylish, practical and beautifully stunning. You can decorate your floor and ceiling with a design that creates a comfortable feeling with an appeal that can be fitted in a short time compared with that required to fit tiles.

The benefits associated with paneling are many. First the cladding and paneling is 100% waterproof. Furthermore, no grouting is required with the cladding. The bathroom is perfectly insulated and this reduces condensation. Cladding offers a superb wipe- clean finish that guarantees against fading or crazing because of UV lights. You can even install paneling on existing tiles and it will still look good after many years. It is also easy to install and clean.

Decorative bathroom cladding is made of the highest standard hence bathroom paneling appears good and continues to look beautiful and classy even after many years. The bathroom paneling can be fitted using staples, glue or screws. Wall panels can be fitted easily however it is advisable to consult the services of a professional for best results. The panels have a design that interlock with each other to give a smooth finish. For persons who wish to make their walls more interesting they can choose from a range of panel trims that can be connected to the panels to offer smooth edges and different looks.

The panels come in a variety of colors including Italian marble, grey marble, avocado marble, pink marble and blue marble. Other available designs include the Mosaic styles, black pearl marble and simple solid white. Bathroom wall panels help with the maintenance of the bathroom. They are also easy to repair since it is easier to remove the panels compared with removing tiles. Furthermore, the panels are easier to fit back into place.…